Schools, libraries, businesses, and non-profits interested in purchasing HOVE please email

Thank you very much for supporting independent film production. Each person’s purchase makes the continued distribution of HOVE possible and it also supports the future production of other films that can make a real difference in people’s lives. Thank you for encouraging others to support independent film by purchasing HOVE rather than pirating it. In order to protect this work and enable future work, the distribution or exhibition outside of home use is prohibited (details below) unless you’ve received permission from the copyright owner. Thank you for your kind support and your thoughtful consideration.

TERMS OF USE: HOVE DVDs purchased online are intended for personal use only. This is a single entity, exclusive, non-transferable license. Any public screening or large scale viewing of 20 people or more is strictly forbidden. Schools, universities, religious organizations, non-profits, NGO’s, and libraries interested in using or screening HOVE, please email at to obtain the appropriate license. You MAY NOT, with the exception of the trailer, post the film on your website or other Internet websites. All DVD’s sold by us are protected by international copyright law and violation of copyright law is a federal crime and is also unethical.

Screenings: According to the Copyright Act of 1976, presenting the movie outside of personal home use requires the purchase of a screening license that authorizes you to publicly exhibit the movie to a specific audience size. This includes any organization (including non-profit) that is presenting the movie in any setting, even if admission is not being charged. Violations are subject to fines. Screening licenses are non-transferable, one-time use only, unless mutually agreed upon in writing. The film, in whole or in part, may not be sold, sublicensed, reproduced, distributed, displayed outside of personal home use without permission.

HOVE DVD (Institutional/Educational Use)... Purchase this version of HOVE to use in an institutional/educational setting. Educational and non-theatrical copies of HOVE are available for purchase for use by libraries, colleges, K-12 schools, media centers, and other non-profit educational organizations. The purchase of these titles includes library/check out use, classroom use, and non-theatrical Public Performance Rights. No admission can be charged and screenings may not be open to the public. These rights are guaranteed in perpetuity for the life of the copy. Please note: It is a violation of copyright law to host a public screening of HOVE using the Private Home Use DVD. In order to be in compliance with the law and support the filmmakers, please purchase an institutional copy or contact us about a one time screening fee.